Still Small Voice: Covenant Commitment

“Loyalty is a noble, unswerving allegiance rooted in faith and love that binds hearts together in common purpose.” -Bob Sorge

Dragging myself out of bed Sunday was an uphill battle. There were alot of things I’d rather be doing that getting ready for a corporate Christian gathering called church. I could admit that my heart wasn’t in the purest place, that I was acting irrationally towards the congregation I attend, but deep down the lies seemed valid to me. I continued half heartedly getting ready (I thought at least I’d be dressed for the day, even if I didn’t go). As I meandered through the morning, I heard the Lord speak to me:

“Are you only committed when you feel like being committed?”

The question stopped me in my tracks and the Lord continued.

“Is this how you expect to function in a marriage covenant? Loyal and loving (because you feel loyal and loving) one day and distant and cold the next day when your heart isn’t in it?”

His direct questions left me stunned in silence.

“It’s time to grow up little one. Be committed when commitment isn’t glorious or noticed. You can’t be loyal to Me and disloyal to My bride.”





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